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The Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia.

 cattle breedSRTL-8BB0EAceh cattle breedSRTL-8BB0FAchham cattle breedSRTL-8BB10Garre cattle breedSRTL-8BB11Gasara cattle breedSRTL-8BB12Gobra cattle breedSRTL-8BB13Goomsur cattle breedSRTL-8BB14Gujamavu cattle breedSRTL-8BB15Leiqiong cattle breedSRTL-8BB16Hissar cattle breedSRTL-8BB17Ingessana cattle breedSRTL-8BB18Jamaica Brahman cattle breedSRTL-8BB19Jellicut cattle breedSRTL-8BB1AAdamawa cattle breedSRTL-8BB1BAden Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB1CAfghan cattle breedSRTL-8BB1DAlambadi cattle breedSRTL-8BB1EUmblachery cattle breedSRTL-8BB1FVenezuelan Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB20Pantaneiro cattle breedSRTL-8BB21Jenubi cattle breedSRTL-8BB22Jiddu cattle breedSRTL-8BB23Jijjiga Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB24Kabota cattle breedSRTL-8BB25Kachcha Siri cattle breedSRTL-8BB26Kalakheri cattle breedSRTL-8BB27Kamdhino cattle breedSRTL-8BB28Kandahari cattle breedSRTL-8BB29Kaningan cattle breedSRTL-8BB2AWakwa cattle breedSRTL-8BB2BWhite Fulani cattle breedSRTL-8BB2CYemeni Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB2DIranian Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB2EKhorsan cattle breedSRTL-8BB2FPolled Gir cattle breedSRTL-8BB30Kappiliyan cattle breedSRTL-8BB31Karamajong cattle breedSRTL-8BB32Kenana cattle breedSRTL-8BB33Kenya Boran cattle breedSRTL-8BB34Kenya Zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB35Khamala cattle breedSRTL-8BB36Khurasani zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB37Kilara cattle breedSRTL-8BB38Kinniya cattle breedSRTL-8BB39Konari cattle breedSRTL-8BB3AGuzerat cattle breedSRTL-8BB3BTadzhik zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB3CDeogir cattle breedSRTL-8BB3DGayal cattle breedSRTL-8BB3EAmerican bison X cattle breedSRTL-8BB3FAustralian Braford X zebu cattle breedSRTL-8BB40Krishnagari cattle breedSRTL-8BB41Kumauni 1
* Abyssinian Siskin * Abyssinian Slaty-flycatcher * Abyssinian White-eye * Abyssinian Woodpecker * Abyssinian_cat 2
* Abyzou * ABZ * Abzac, Charente * Abzac, Gironde * Abzakovo, Beloretsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan * Abzal Dean * Abzal Rakimgaliev * Abzal Zhumabaev * Abzelilovsky District 3
* Aceh (cattle) * Achham (cattle) * Adamawa (cattle) * Adaptaur * Afrikaner cattle * Albanian (cattle) * Alderney cattle * Alentejana cattle * Aleutian wild cattle * American (cattle breed) * American White Park * Amerifax * Amsterdam Island cattle * Anatolian 4
Hybrids* Batangas: taurine/zebu hybrid Bred for other purposes - These breeds are used for purposes other than those listed above.5
Group Origin: In general zebu cattle (Bos indicus) are known to have descended from the secondary cattle domestication in the arid areas of the 'Fertile Crescent' about 5000 BP 6
= From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia. Source - * Rege, J.E.O. "The state of African cattle genetic resources I..7
Adamawa Ala Tau Albanian Als Tau American Brown Swiss Amorican Amrit Mahal Anatolian Black Angeln Angoni Ankole Ankole Watusi Argentine Criollo 8
Adamawa Ala Tau Alberes Als Tau Amorican Anatolian Black Angeln Angoni Ankole Argentine Criollo Aubrac Aulie Ata Austrian Yellow 9
Aleutian wild cattle Chillingham Cattle Enderby Island Cattle Hybrids - Batangas: cattle/zebu hybrid Judging and Detailed Traits Bulls, Cows and Calves are judged for Breeding Classes Prospect. Steers are judged for Market Class. Topline The topline trait refers to the back of your cattle.10
Beef • Finnish Ayrshire Beef • Bazadais Beef • Romosinuano Beef • Old Gloucestershire Beef • Gobra Beef • Aubrac Beef • Tambov Red Beef 12
group have tribal and ecological origins, which do not necessarily imply genetic differences.13
Hybrids * Batangas: taurine/zebu hybrid Bred for other purposes - Ankole-Watusi These breeds are used for purposes other than those listed above.14
The Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia. Aceh (cattle) Aceh is a breed of cattle indigenous to the Aceh province of North Sumatra, Indonesia.15

(Ethiopia) * Grey, fawn, red, bay, black, roan, or pied; Use: Beef, Dairy, Draught Adamawa (Cameron, Nigeria) * Pied, red, roan, or brindle; lyre horns; Use: Beef, Dairy, Draught Africander (South Africa) * Red, with hump on shoulders; Use: Beef Ala Tau (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) * Brown; Use: Beef, Dairy Albanian (Albania) * Yellow to reddish-black; 16
(Ethiopian Highland Zebu) Jem-Jem (Black Highland cattle) Ethiopia: northern part of Sidamo, Bale high lands and areas surrounding Bale, including Yirga-Alem in Sidamo Small size with a compact body and slender limbs; coat colour is 17
cattle Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu cattle breed (organism) Abyssinian cat Abyssinian cat (organism) Abyssinian guinea pig Abyssinian guinea pig (organism) Abyssinian horse Abyssinian horse breed (organism) Acacia 18
cattle breed SRT L-8BB0E Aceh cattle breed SRT L-8BB0F Achham cattle breed SRT L-8BB10 Garre cattle breed SRT L-8BB11 Gasara cattle breed SRT L-8BB12 Gobra cattle breed SRT L-8BB13 Goomsur cattle breed SRT L-8BB14 Gujamavu cattle breed SRT L-8BB15 Leiqiong cattle breed SRT L-8BB16 Hissar cattle breed SRT L-8BB17 Ingessana cattle breed SRT L-8BB18 Jamaica Brahman cattle breed SRT L-8BB19 Jellicut cattle breed SRT L-8BB1A Adamawa cattle breed SRT L-8BB1B Aden Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB1C Afghan cattle breed SRT L-8BB1D Alambadi cattle breed SRT L-8BB1E Umblachery cattle breed SRT L-8BB1F Venezuelan Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB20 Pantaneiro cattle breed SRT L-8BB21 Jenubi cattle breed SRT L-8BB22 Jiddu cattle breed SRT L-8BB23 Jijjiga Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB24 Kabota cattle breed SRT L-8BB25 Kachcha Siri cattle breed SRT L-8BB26 Kalakheri cattle breed SRT L-8BB27 Kamdhino cattle breed SRT L-8BB28 Kandahari cattle breed SRT L-8BB29 Kaningan cattle breed SRT L-8BB2A Wakwa cattle breed SRT L-8BB2B White Fulani cattle breed SRT L-8BB2C Yemeni Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB2D Iranian Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB2E Khorsan cattle breed SRT L-8BB2F Polled Gir cattle breed SRT L-8BB30 Kappiliyan cattle breed SRT L-8BB31 Karamajong cattle breed SRT L-8BB32 Kenana cattle breed SRT L-8BB33 Kenya Boran cattle breed SRT L-8BB34 Kenya Zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB35 Khamala cattle breed SRT L-8BB36 Khurasani zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB37 Kilara cattle breed SRT L-8BB38 Kinniya cattle breed SRT L-8BB39 Konari cattle breed SRT L-8BB3A Guzerat cattle breed SRT L-8BB3B Tadzhik zebu cattle breed SRT L-8BB3C Deogir cattle breed SRT 19
cattle breed (organism) Abyssinian cat (organism) Abyssinian guinea pig (organism) Abyssinian horse breed (organism) Acantharchus pomotis (organism) Acanthemblemaria aspera 20
cattle breed (organism) Ac chicken breed (organism) Acanthagenys rufogularis (organism) Acantharchus pomotis (organism) Acanthemblemaria aspera (organism) Acanthemblemaria chaplini (organism) Acanthidops bairdii (organism) 21
cattle breed (organism) Aceh cattle breed (organism) Achham cattle breed (organism) Adamawa cattle breed (organism) Aden Zebu cattle breed (organism) Afghan cattle breed (organism) Africander cattle breed (organism) Africangnus cattle breed (organism) Agerolese cattle breed (organism) Ala-Tau cattle breed (organism) Alambadi cattle breed (organism) Albanian Dwarf cattle breed (organism) Albanian Illyrian cattle breed (organism) Albese cattle breed (organism) Albères cattle breed (organism) Alentejana cattle breed (organism) Aleppo cattle breed (organism) Aliab Dinka cattle breed (organism) Alistana-Sanabresa cattle breed (organism) Allmogekor cattle breed (organism) Almanzorena cattle breed (organism) Alur cattle breed (organism) American White Park cattle breed (organism) Amerifaxcattle breed (organism) Amritmahal cattle breed (organism) Anatolian Black cattle breed (organism) 22
cattle: * Arsi (bull) - Ethiopia - 2010-05-20 * Goffa (cow) - Ethiopia - 2009-04-16 * Jijjiga (cow) - Ethiopia - 2009-02-24 * Ogaden Zebu (bull calf) - Ethiopia - 2009-05-03 Achiote (cow) - Guatemala - 2009-07-01 Afghan cattle: * Konari (cow) - Afghanistan - 2009-06-02 * Shakhansurri (cow) - Afghanistan - 2010-06-03 AFGHANISTAN - cattle (cow, bull, heifer, heifer calf, bull calf, ox, steer): * Konari (cow) - Afghanistan - 2009-06-02 * Shakhansurri (cow) - Afghanistan - 2010-06-03 Africander (cow) - South Africa - 2009-06-13 Akshi (cow and calf) - Syria - 2009-07-19 Ala-Tau (cow) - Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan - 2009-05-30 ALBANIA - cattle (cow, bull, heifer, heifer calf, bull calf, ox, steer): * Illyrieskakaja (cow) - Albania - 2010-03-07 Albères (bull) - Spain/France - 2010-03-03 Alentejana (heifer) - Portugal - 2010-01-28 Aliab Dinka (cow) - Sudan - 2009-04-13 Alistana-Sanabresa (cow) - Spain - 2010-01-02 Allgäuer (cow) - Germany - 2010-08-30 Alpine Hérens (heifer) - France - 2010-07-09 Alur (cow) - Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) 23
is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia. ~ Aceh is a breed of cattle indigenous to the Aceh province of North Sumatra, Indonesia.24
is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia. ~ The Carinthian Blondvieh is an old cattle breed that is native to Carinthia in Austria.25
, a breed of cattle found in Ethiopiawikipedia Achham Achham cattle, a breed of zebu cattle found in the Achham region of Nepalwikipedia Dalmatian The Dalmatian, the breed 26
, Alambadi, Baggara Cattle, Yakut, Aulie-Ata Cattle, Original Braunvieh, Montbeliard Cattle, Tulim, Parthenais Collective Noun ▶ "mob", "drift", "team", "kine", "herd", …"drove" Gestation Length 27
: The Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu is a breed of cattle found in Ethiopia .- Source : Rege, J.E.O.28
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