Aceh (cattle)
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Aceh is a breed of cattle indigenous to the Aceh province of North Sumatra Indonesia.

Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, or Gam) was founded on 4 December 1976 by Hasan di Tiro - a descendant of the last sultan of Aceh.1
Aceh (redirected from Aceh Darussalam) = Also found in: Wikipedia, Hutchinson 0.01 sec. Advertisement (Bad banner? Please let us know) Aceh (ä`chā), special region (1980 pop.2
Aceh Peace Process At Risk in Indonesia? Jan '12 4 killed in armed attacks in Indonesian province Jan '12 Indonesia issues tsunami warning after 7.3
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Aceh Kita Serambi Indonesia The Globe Journal Aceh Institute Waspada 5 DAYS WEATHER Banda Acheh Langsa SPOTLIGHTS POLITICAL AFFAIRS Portraits agreement ACHEH TSUNAMI: FACTS While in a war zone, Acheh stroked by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake the planet has seen in history; from the epicenter of the 5
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Aceh 13 When do you want to go to Aceh? Arrive: Depart: Calendar Nights: Depart: agoda price guarantee lowest rate guarantee We want you to pay the lowest possible rate for your room.7
ACEH DARUSSALAM (NAD) Challenges and Opportunities THE LAND Aceh (also known as Acheh, Atjeh or Achin) is one of Indonesia's provinces that bears the special region status that was formally called The Special Territory of Aceh, in terms of religion, education 8
Aceh It is Saturday night, and the streets of Banda Aceh are packed.9
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aceh map resources to learn more ACEH PROVINCE Overview Aceh is the northernmost province on Sumatra and in Indonesia, the provincial capital is Banda Aceh with a population of approx. 150.000.13
Aceh Movement Secure A Great New Job! Click Here! Banda Aceh - Banda Aceh is the capital of Indonesia's Aceh province, and also the main gateway 14
Aceh province, the cycle spun out of control, and an imagined enemy came to life as armed separatist rebels.15
Aceh Tsunami Blog = Solidarity Fund for Aceh Action in Solidarity with Asia & the Pacific Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - SEGERA Aceh Relief and Monitoring Campaign news update 16
Aceh as a wealthy and influential trading nation, possessing a strong sense of independence. Aceh's dominance in trade and politics reached its peak in the early 1600's.17
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Aceh Governor’s Election Heats Up ** = February 13, 2011 tags: Aceh, Aceh Party, Aceh Transitional Committee, Aminullah Usman, Banda Aceh, Boediono, conflict, Darni Daud, Darwis 19
Aceh Acehnese children hold up hands dirtied by salvaging materials from their school, which was burned during fighting between the Indonesian military and separatist rebels (Photo: Choo Youn-Kong/AFP-Getty Images).20
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Aceh aquaculture rehabilitation project = Project ID FIS/2006/002 Project Country Indonesia Commissioned Organisation James Cook University, Department of Marine 22

Aceh (Indonesia) Flag of Aceh (Indonesia) - Jacarta, 25-Jul-00 (AP) Flag of Aceh 23
Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Province has own regional wide 57.365.57 km2. This Province located in west region of Indonesia.24
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Aceh (Eye on Aceh Report) List of Contestants on Local Election in Aceh 2011 Indonesia: GAM vs GAM in the Aceh Elections 28
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Aceh between the seventh and eighth centuries AD and the first Islamic kingdom, Perlak was established in 804 AD. Then followed Samudera Pasai in 1042, Tamiah in 1184, Aceh in 1205 and Darussalam in 1511.30
Aceh Shore (Before Tsunami) Imagery collected June 23, 2004 Description: Shore detail before tsunami Credit: DigitalGlobe Banda Aceh Shore Imagery collected December 28, 2004 Description: Shore detail Credit: DigitalGlobe Banda Aceh City Overview (Before Tsunami) Imagery collected June 23, 2004 Description: Area overview before tsunami Credit: DigitalGlobe Banda Aceh City Overview Imagery collected December 28, 2004 Description: Area overview Credit: DigitalGlobe Banda Aceh Detail Before Debris Imagery collected June 23, 2004 Description: Area detail before debris Credit: DigitalGlobe Banda Aceh Debris Detail Imagery 31
Aceh | Sponsors | Introduction to Aceh | Renovation Project | | Inventory of Heritage Sites & Buildings in Aceh | Heritage Sites | Aceh Heritage Community Foundation | Events | 32
Aceh Documentation and Information Center, and Mr. Sudirman from BPSNT or Aceh Historical and Traditional Conservation Board of Aceh) were hired as resource persons in this event. Mr.33
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Aceh province was hard-struck by the tsunami that hit the region in December 2004 and which killed an estimated 160,000 in the province alone.36
Aceh is Indonesia’s westernmost state.37
Aceh and Japan tsunamis' = Posted March 17, 2011 19:44:00 Map: Indonesia An Indonesian man says he has escaped both the 2004 tsunami in Aceh and last week's deadly wall of water in Japan.38
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Aceh continues to hold but where the Yudhoyono government and many in Jakarta see a closed book with a happy ending, many Acehnese see a temporary respite from a conflict that will inevitably resume.41
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Aceh Videos: More videos Aceh = Aceh (IPA pronunciation: , pronounced approximately ''Ah-Cèh'', but with , not at the end) is a special territory (''daerah istimewa'') of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.44