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The Alderney was a breed of dairy cattle originating from the British Channel Island of Alderney though no longer found on the island. The pure breed is now extinct because of the nazis though hybrids still exist.

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could easily have provided some of the blood types in today4
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: consisting of Five Cows of three-years old, and Nine Heifers of two-years-old, and all with calves by their sides.6
Alderney, a breed of dairy cattle originating from the British Channel Island of Alderney, though no longer found on the islandwikipedia Southern Yellow cattle and Philippine Native cattle 7
although the cattle of this island were later referred to only as Jerseys. Jersey cattle were brought to the United States in the 1850's.8
and mown once or twice a year for hay. This helped to keep the grass short and allowed many small plants to flourish including Pyramidal Orchids by the hundred.9
and taking a lead in the annual village harvest. Between 1879 and 1895, there was a national agricultural depression due to bad weather and disease amongst livestock.10

are now extinct (the last few Alderneys were eaten by German Army soldiers during World War II). The story of the golden Guernsey begins around 1000 A.D.11
are occasionally mistaken for Ayrshires.12
in the development of Irish breeds. It is in word and I will try to convert to a format the blog likes.13
the reputation of being delicate creatures, only fit to adorn a gentleman`s park.14
to this country. He was a member and served as president of the Agricultural Society, resigning only the month before his death.15
were taken to Guernsey just before the German occupation of World War II, where unfortunately they were slaughtered for food.16
, thoroughbred and registered; 16 head of shorthorns; sold a few calves at an average price of $65 each, and 8 head of Ayrshires.17
, and the increasing interest shown in new dairying implements, have given the butter of the town a firmer hold in the estimation of metropolitan consumers. BIOGRAPHICAL. PHILO F.18
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