Aubrac cattle
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Original source: "Vache de la race Aubrac Aubrac cow author: Jean-Luc Bailleul"
Author: Jean-Luc Bailleul"

The Aubrac is a very old French breed of cattle used for beef. Tan in color with long lyre-type horns Aubracs are a tough breed with high resistance to disease high longevity and easy calving. Though primarily a beef breed the milk from Aubrac cattle is also used to make traditional Laguiole cheese.

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and Aubrac breeders in North America. ... John Muenks, Missouri "When you really see the Aubrac advantage is when you feed in the winter. ...3
and make the promise to offer you a maximum of our farm produce.4
clanking on the hillside. It’s an astonishing ‘département’ of France – the least inhabited with barely 74,000 people in more than 5,000 square kilometres.5
from its own farm at Laguiole in the Massif Central.6
in 1996 after visiting France. “Dad studied the Aubrac cattle, and decided to import some Aubrac semen in 1996.7
in France, the Modicana in Italy or the Murboden cattle in Austria, are also used.8
in North America, New Zealand and Australia...9
is well adapted to harsh climatic conditions but its milk and meat production is fairly low.10
of North America - Guest Book In many ways, the Aubrac cattle shown on the website appear phenotypically similar to Fleckvieh cattle-with a) color of Brown 11

producer in the United States,” Dan says. Hunt explains that Aubrac are known for their forage efficiency. “Their efficiency on forage is unmatched,” he says.12
race in the 1960s to the questions asked about the technical models adopted for vegetable production in the Pyrénées-Orientales, through the revival of saffron production in 13
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still received strong prices from bidders in 26 states and Canada.15
wander the pastures, producing milk for the Tomme cheese used for traditional ‘Aligot’ (dish of potatoes, garlic & cheese). Traditions live on.16
will complement British cattle and add muscle in the resulting crosses.17
with the the tunes of their bells across the hilly landscape dotted with large granite boulders, seemingly just dropped out of the sky.18
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