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The Baggara breed is part of the shorthorned Zebu group of breeds of eastern Africa. Baggara cattle are smaller and thinner than the Boran breed of Kenya and Ethiopia. They are named for the Baggara people of western Sudan and central Chad who keep Baggara cattle. Ironically Baggara means cattle people in the Shuwa Arabic language of these people.

* baggara darfur * baggara nomads * baggara ethnic group * down * up Similar similar for baggara - * baggara * tribes * arabs * darfur 1
and killing of civilians; major attacks on civilians, including raids and bombings, between April and July 1998 by combined contingents of regular army, muraheleen and Popular Defence Forces (PDF), 2
camps between the Bahr el Arab and Lol Rivers, Shegir Al Agar, claimed that the boys had been very happy with their masters, whom they affectionately called "father.3
camps, which were open. He would go in, looking without asking, as if looking for a lost cow.4
herding tribe lead their herds by riding their top bulls, while carrying their spears and bows and arrows. In Central Sudan we cross the White Nile.5
nomads) as it is against the relatively privileged Fur and Massalit, and the less privileged Zaghawa.6

nomads, whose militia is themuraheleen, live to the north of Bahr El Ghazal, in Darfur and Kordofanregions.They visit Wau en masse when they accompany the military train to Wau.7
pastoralists and Jellaba Arabs, most recently as the result of a jihad in 1990, is in part, an extension of the Sudanese civil war.8
with the excuse that it was stolen from the Dinka, and killing civilians, all violations of the rules of war.9
, drug use and problems of drug resistance discussed; additional survey of other domestic animals for trypanosomes 63. Hasan, G, M. J Turner, and J.10
, Yakut, Aulie-Ata Cattle, Original Braunvieh, Montbeliard Cattle, Tulim, Parthenais Collective Noun ▶ "mob", "drift", "team", "kine", "herd", …"drove" Gestation Length 11