Beef cattle
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Beef cattle are cattle raised for meat production (as distinguished from dairy cattle used for milk production). The meat of cattle is known as beef. When raised in a feedlot cattle are known as feeder cattle. While the principal use of beef cattle is meat production other uses include leather and products used in shampoo and cosmetics.

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* > Beef Grower * > Beef Concentrate * > Premium Calf Pellets * > Export Pellets CopRice Beef Pellets CopRice produces a range of products from a number of different ingredients (we also include a vitamin and mineral premix) to help meet the daily requirements of your beef cattle.4
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- * Livestock * Beef Cattle Beef Cattle in Feedlot Beef Cattle Information - The best source for research-based information on beef production in Iowa is the Iowa Beef Center.6
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= Transcript - Highland Rim Research & Education Ctr. Springfield Chuck Denney UT Institute of Agriculture Dr. Barry Sims Highland Rim Research & Education Ctr. Dr.9
beef cattle = Listen See in a sentence ☆ cattle bred and fattened for meat Learn more about beef cattle » beef cattle sentence examples » 10
Extension Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Science According to the NC Department of Agriculture, "North Carolina beef cattle breeders produce approximately 500,000 calves per year.11
How to Select Beef Cattle = Beef cattle come in many different varieties, and each has something special to offer the prospective farmer.12
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Selecting Breeds of Beef Cattle Breeds Common in Virginia Summary References Worldwide there are more than 250 breeds of beef cattle.14
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Assessment Course Home Schedule Costs Gallery Overview The Beef Cattle Assessment Course is being held from the 4th - 7th July, 2011.18
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Association Scottish Beef Cattle Association Welcome to The Scottish Beef Cattle Association Winter beef event Click for information on Winter Beef Management Event.20
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feeding system for their operation. However, not all systems are described.24
genetics industry is enormous and Australia is at the forefront.25
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Housing and Feedlot Facilities = January 2010 This publication discusses components and alternatives to be considered when establishing a beef cattle facility. Generally, beef enterprises are either cow/calf, feeder, or a combination of both.28
Management = Course Code BAG206 Fee Code S2 Duration (approx) 100 hours Qualification Statement of Attainment HOME STUDY COURSE - BEEF CATTLE MANAGEMENT Analyse and make decisions about the 29
Nutrient Requirements Beef cattle require nutrients to support body maintenance, reproduction, lactation, and growth, says this Mississippi State University Extension report. The nutritional needs of beef cattle vary by age, class, stage of production, performance level, and weight.30
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slaughtered annually in the U.S. into the hands of four huge corporations.35
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Specialist, North Dakota State University There are many different methods or systems of backgrounding or growing beef cattle.37
this breed is not part of mainstream beef production in Britain.38
! Cattle Today has Links to Beef Cattle Associations and links to these breeds of beef cattle: Angus Aryshire Balancer Bazadais Beefalo Beefmaster Belgian Blue Belted Galloway Blonde 39
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