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Beefalo are a fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle Bos taurus and the American bison Bison bison (generally called buffalo in the US). The breed was created to combine the characteristics of both animals with a view towards beef production. Beefalo are primarily cattle in genetics and appearance with the breed association defining a full beefalo as one with ⅜ (37.5%) bison genetics while they call animals with higher percentages of bison genetics bison hybrids.

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= Beefalo Beefalo - Beefalo = Beefalo, a fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle, Bos taurus, and the American Bison, Bison bison class, taxon, breed, species Class 6
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Cattalo come the fertile variety of Cattalo.9
farm in Owensville, Missouri. Lee Horstmann takes care of these gentle, low-maintenance creatures that are a mix of 3/8 bison and 5/8 bovine.10
is advancing even faster outside the US than inside the US. A boom in the export of Beefalo and Beefalo semen is expected in the near future.11
Link: 3 Sort order: American Beefalo Association Beefalo are animals containing both Bison - American Buffalo - and domestic cattle. This produces meat very low in fat and cholesterol.12
LINKS: * Screenshot Available Soon Green's MM Beefalo Farm Featured Green's MM Beefalo Farm Raises beefalo naturally.13
Rancher takes pride in Beefalo - Wednesday, 20 August 2008 00:00 By CODY BEDELL, Country World Staff Writer E-mail Print Aug.14
The history of Beefalo really starts with the Bison. The Bison or incorrectly American Buffalo were here before the fist settlers arrived.15
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& Livestock is a family owned and operated farm and ranch, specializing in raising all natural beefalo.17
(American Bison-Cattle Hybrid) Beefalo (American Bison-Cattle Hybrid) ; DISPLAY FULL IMAGE.18
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- Made in the Whitsundays A beef producer in the Whitsundays who proudly boasts the Made in the Whitsundays logo believes the branding has done wonders 20
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= Buffalo + Cow and Seven More Amazing Hybrid Animals Beefalo = Buffalo + Cow and Seven More Amazing Hybrid Animals = Published by Anuradha Ramkumar May 3, 2010, Category: Biology How about taking a look at some of the amazing, unique, and incredible hybrid animals? These hybrid animals include liger, grolar bear, grizzly bear, leopon, savannah cats, sheep goats, zebroid, beefalo, 22
and ostriches? = Was it the 70's, or 80's? The hybrid bovine/buffalo was to become a major meat source,it went away.23
Bob's Carryout 107 Mountain Road Pasadena, MD 21122 410.760.24

Bob's Catering for All Occasions Add Photos Accepts Credit Cards: Yes First to Review Photo of Clint U. Clint U.25
Bobs = For over a quarter of a century, Beefalo Bob's has been providing Maryland and the surrounding areas with only the finest quality foods and catering services at 26
Breeders Association and American Beefalo Association God created man in his own image so that he might be a good steward of the earth 27
Breeders Association MICHIGAN BEEFALO BREEDERS ASSOCIATION The Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association was formed in 1981.28
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cattle are a true hybrid, being a cross between domestic cattle and the American Bison. In the 1970s, experimental pioneers began crossing buffalo and cattle and were able to produce fertile, three-eighths Bison bulls.31
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Cow How to Identify a Beefalo Cow = The beefalo is a hardy breed of cattle.33
Facts Anything you can do with regular beef you can do with Beefalo.34
Farm got it's first beefalo in 2001. We purchased 4 heifers and a bull. We have been expanding each year.35
Information Beefalo are a fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle, Bos taurus, and the American bison, Bison bison (generally called buffalo in the US).36
is healthy, beefalo is healthy, beefalo is healthy, Hacker, Hacker, Hacker, Beefalo farm.37
MEATS "healthiest beef on earth" Home Page Health Studies / Cooking Nutrition Prices Is Beefalo Better? > Prices and Packages 38
Nutrition Beefalo = Submitted on Aug 26, 2007 Beefalo There are 188 calories in Beefalo Track Beefalo calories and reach your 39
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? Beefalo is genetically 3/8 Bison and 5/8 Domestic Cattle. The meat you purchase is from 1/2 Blood Beefalo and is therefore 5/16 Bison and 13/16 cattle.45
? What is beefalo? = In: Cows and Cattle, Buffalo and Bison Answer: Improve A Beefalo is a cross between a beef cow and a 46
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Bos taurus × Bison bison
Even-toed ungulate
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