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Beefmaster is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater from a crossing of Hereford and Shorthorn cattle with Brahman stock. The exact mixture of the foundation cattle is unknown but is thought to be about 25% Hereford 25% Shorthorn and 50% Brahman. It was the second new breed of cattle registered in the United States. The original intention was to produce cattle that could produce economically in the difficult environment of South Texas.

`Beefmaster` is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater from a crossing of Hereford and 1
* : Breeders (7) - * Bettis Farms - Breeders of red, polled beefmaster cattle in Western North Carolina.2
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- Cain Cattle Company has long been recognized a leader in Beefmaster genetics, for over 30 years we have been breeding high quality Beefmaster seedstock.4
= Beefmaster cattle have been developed by the Lasater Ranch then headquartered in Texas. The breeding program leading to their establishment was started by Ed C.5
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= Beefmaster = Beefmaster, a breed of beef cattle that, developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater from a crossing of Hereford and Shorthorn cattle with hearty Brahman stock class, 7
= The Beefmaster The Beefmaster One of mankind's favorite past times were spent at the dinner table. People are content when feasting amongst each other.8
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Nill Beefmaster - Encyclopedia = Nill The Beefmaster breed was developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater from a crossing of Hereford and Shorthorn cattle with hearty Brahman stock.11
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Breed A Beefmaster bull Beefmaster cattle are the first American composite breed (combination of three or more breeds). They were developed by Tom Lasater in south Texas, beginning in 1931.17
breed because of their weight gain abilities, their hardiness, and their extremely thorough grazing habits. All our show heifers, replacement heifers and bulls are hand-raised.18
Breeders Association = ...19
breeders in Texas - - The Cattle Pages Breeder Directory Beefmaster Texas Beefmaster Photo Gallery Beefmaster Breed Associations 20
Breeders United (BBU) is the fourth largest beef breed association in the United States.21
cattle are weight, conformation, fertility, milk production, disposition and hardiness. The breed, developed in Texas by crossing three prominent beef breeds, was recognized by the U.S.22

Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations Stackyard Links to on-line pedigree Beefmaster Cattle breeders societies, associations and registries around the world agricultural services pedigree livestock news dairy beef agricultural machinery agricultural property agricultural organisations Beefmaster Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations beefmaster - usa • Ozark and Heart of America Beefmaster Breeders Ozark and Heart of America Beefmaster Breeders Ozark and Heart of America Beefmaster Breeders' are a group of Beefmaster breeders in 23
cattle, semen, and embryosSee bottom of page for ad pricing. Bulls Find your next herd sire. Females Replacement breeding stock and comercial replacements including E6 females.24
Cattle: Breeding - Raising - Selling For sale: bulls, cows, calves, embryos, and semen Picture of Registered Beefmaster Bull, Cows, and CalvesWe have been raising Beefmaster Cattle since 1996.25
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cross bull calves from Jet this year for commercial cattlemen planning for an edge using Black, Polled, genetically tested Tender Genetics, and with Beefmaster influence in the fall of 2004.27
Group = History - Three Beefmaster breeders decided to combine their strengths, knowledge, experience, expertise, genetic pools and resources in order to improve the establishment of extraordinary individual studs, as well as the communal presentation and marketing of top quality Beefmasters.28
herd was built on the “Six Essentials” that founded the breed-Disposition, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Hardiness and Milk Production, and we continue to use those selection parameters for the 29
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maternal grandsires were heavier when compared with animals with Bonsmara, and Romosinuano maternal grandsires.32
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Roast Beef & Seafood - Reviews Matching: Search Reviews Sort by: Yelp Sort | Date | Rating | Elites' | Facebook Friends' Facebook Friends From Reviewers You're Following Reviews from Your Friends 9 reviews in English * BeefMaster Roast Beef & Seafood Review from Lisa M.34
! Cross Creek Cattle Company is located just north of Plantersville, Texas on rolling hills and piney woods.35
? A Beefmaster is truly an American breed created of necessity during the Great Depression.36
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Home Contact Us Site Map About Beefmaster Awards Herd Sires Buyers About Us ABOUT BEEFMASTER BREEDERS UNITED (BBU) It wasn’t luck that made Beefmasters the choice of working cattlemen. It was planned.38
63 Years In The Purebred Business Home Company History About The Program Beefmaster Breed History Bulls for Sale A.I.39
Our original herd was purchased from a neighbouring farmer and consisted of fifty cows, all of which were Afrikander/Shorthorn/Hereford cross-types, along with two purebred Hereford bulls.40
does not have stock for sale. Please check back often or e-mail us if you'd like to be informed of sale stock. Dr.41
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Worldwide for nearly Five Decades Laurence and Annette Lasater with their family Isa Cattle Company Chairman Laurence M.43
, we do the best we can to raise good, healthy, easy to maintain cattle.44