British White

The British White is a naturally polled British cattle breed white with black or red points used mainly for beef. It has a confirmed history dating back to the 17th century and may be derived from similar cattle kept in parks for many centuries before that.

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Welcome to Keefer Ridge Cattle Co - The British White is a naturally polled British cattle breed, white with black or red points, used mainly for beef.3
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Cattle The British White is one of our oldest cattle breeds; it is a polled breed, white in colour with black or occasionally red points to the ears, muzzle, eyelids, feet 10
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Cattle Association of America - Breeders of registered British White Cattle, the Ancient Polled Park Cattle of Britain J. WEST CATTLE COMPANY . . .14
CATTLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, LTD : Since formation in 1987, the British White Cattle Association of America has continued to be the official registry 15
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Cattle Breed Information History BW breed is a very old one: Some authors suggest British White Cattle were brought to the United Kingdom by the 17
Cattle Breeders Home | About | Breeder Slide Shows | Breeder Webpages | Snapshot Slide Shows Compliments of The Below Listed British White Cattle Breeders Click on breeder name to view slide show.18
Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations Stackyard Links to on-line pedigree British White Cattle breeders societies and associations around the world agricultural services pedigree livestock news dairy beef agricultural machinery agricultural property agricultural organisations - usa british white cow British White Cattle Association Some authors suggest British White Cattle were brought to the United Kingdom by the Romans about 55 B.C.19
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CATTLE CHARACTERISTICS AND ATTRIBUTES The following information applies to purebred British White Cattle and therefore most crosses in Australia and USA will have varying degrees of these characteristics.21
Cattle Farm - British White Cattle resting on a British White Cattle Farm A Brief Guide and A Few Advantages To Raising British White Cattle British White Cattle have several qualities that make them 22
Cattle Farm = Welcome to the home of RAI British White cattle! This is a rare breed of British cattle that are very easy to have around.23

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Cattle from one of the largest British White herds in the World. See and visit the page of your choice by clicking on any of the links shown below.25
Cattle Sale & Banquet Sale & Banquet Co-Hosted by Field & Alison McConnell and Dean & Teri Benson. Alison & Field McConnell Field & Alison live near Glyndon, Minnesota.26
cattle were first introduced in the United Kingdom by the Roman Empire around 55 B.C.27
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cow British White cattle can claim to be directly descended from herds of cattle established in Lancashire some 400 years ago.30
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Lowline Cross * ABW2Y (Metis) The Ranch Gilbert, AZ We acquired our land (~7 acres) back in 1997 and started construction in 2000. Today, we raise British White & Lowline cattle.34
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Park - United American White Park & British White Breeders Wengers Farms was established in 1950 and has been in the registered "American British White Park" cattle business since 1995.39
Photo Gallery - - ( Photo bid $15 ) Bounty is pictured here - she's an excellent example of a British White.40
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Water Rafting teams have achieved great success over the last few years competing in both the World and European Championships.44
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