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The BueLingo breed of beef cattle was developed in Ransom County North Dakota on the Bueling Ranch by Russell Bueling and R. B. Danielson of the Animal Science Department of the North Dakota State University at Fargo. It is similar in appearance to the Dutch Belted breed of dairy cattle. BueLingo cattle usually have a white belt around the stomach area.

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Espèce Vache (Bos taurus) Région d’origine Région Drapeau des États-Unis États-Unis Caractéristiques Taille Moyenne Robe Noire ceinturée Autre 3
Beef Cattle Society was organized to serve its members in the following ways Attend the National Buelingo Beef Cattle Society N… Latest updates Breeding : BueLingo Beef Cattle 4
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Cattle - Origin Ransom County spacer Printer-friendly Version Lady Slipper - Photography by Tom Spiekermeier of Sheldon, North Dakota Lady Slipper - Photography by Tom Spiekermeier of 9
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, Texas Longhorn, and African Watusi cattle herds. One stop will include a lake where guests may grain feed specimen fish.11
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/ & Miniature Lowline 715-432-6516 Location: Athens >> Click here to search for more - Garden & House in Wausau, Wisconsin for sale No imageCattle Chute - $4000 (Athens) Formost, Inc Cattle chute model 150.16
cattle is nothing short of tradition for the Dickinson Cattle Company’s ranch in Barnesville.17

," said Hamel. "Everyone can remember Oreo cookies." And when Jerry Hamel tosses Dixon's famous melons their way, they come bounding for joy.18
(-Belted Galloway) in calf to fullblood Lowline - calved belted bull calf 8/7/07 GNS Pretty (Oreo), halfblood '03 by CH sire ABF Fitz x Buelingo cow, 19
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(< 1000 head) BueLingo Cattle Society 6507 South Highway 215 Charleston, AR 72933-9741 (501) 965-8115 Charolais/Charbray (45,000 head) American International Charolais Assn.26
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cattle for beef. Among the featured celebrity chefs was Mary Jane Miller, often seen on KSTP’s “Twin Cities Live,” and Chef Wrangler for MN Garlic Festival.29
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Cattle Society Web site for the BueLingo Breed, breed information and membership information provided.31
, Texas Longhorns and African Watusi cattle herds. One stop includes a lake where guests may grain feed huge specimen fish.32
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