Camargue cattle
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Camargue cattle are a breed of cattle native to the Camargue marshland in the delta of the River Rhone in Southern France. The cattle are black in color with upward sweeping horns. They are hardy animals thriving on the marshes where they live semi-wild tended by French cowboys called Gardians riding the famous Camargue horses which live in the same area. The bulls are rounded up and sold for bullfighting. Cattle Egrets live with the cattle.

breed (organism) Camargue horse breed (organism) Camarron goat (organism) Cambodian cattle breed (organism) Camborough 12 pig breed (organism) Camborough 15 pig breed (organism) 1
breed (organism) Camargue horse breed (organism) Camarhynchus heliobates (organism) Camarhynchus pallidus (organism) Camarhynchus pallidus pallidus (organism) Camarhynchus pallidus productus (organism) Camarhynchus pallidus striatipecta (organism) Camarhynchus parvulus (organism) Camarhynchus parvulus parvulus (organism) Camarhynchus parvulus salvini (organism) Camarhynchus pauper (organism) Camarhynchus psittacula (organism) Camarhynchus psittacula affinis (organism) Camarhynchus psittacula habeli (organism) Camarhynchus psittacula psittacula (organism) Camaroptera brachyura (organism) Camaroptera brevicaudata 2
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Camargue cattle breed (organism) Camargue horse Camargue horse breed (organism) Camarron goat Camarron goat (organism) Cambodian cattle Cambodian cattle breed (organism) Camborough 12 pig Camborough 12 pig breed (organism) 6
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