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Charolais cattle are a beef breed of cattle (Bos taurus) which originated in Charolais around Charolles in France. They are raised for their meat and are known for their composite qualities when crossed with other breeds most notably Angus and Hereford cattle. The breed tends to be large muscled with bulls weighing up to 1 100 kilograms (2 400 lb) and cows up to 900 kilograms (2 000 lb). The breed was introduced in the southern US as early as the 1940s.

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Charolais cattle are a beef breed of cattle (Bos taurus) which originated in Charolais, around Charolles, in France.3
- Charolais cattle have been bred and reared on our farm for nearly 50 years as they are a large fast growing breed of beef cattle.4
= - The Pedigree Herd Our Pedigree Charolais Herd at Rumsden consists of about 25 cows plus followers.5
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= Charolais cattle Charolais cattle - Charolais cattle = Charolais cattle, a beef breed of cattle which originated in Charolais, 7
= This is a page of stock pictures of Charolais cattle. The Charolais was originally developed in the area around Charolles, France.8
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How to Raise Charolais Cattle = How to Raise Charolais Cattle thumbnail Charolais are mostly raised on pasture.10
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- Charolais cattle breeders site for Domek Charolais Ranch, Wibaux, MT and Walter Charolais, Warsaw, North Carolina, USA.14
- Definition = Charolais cattle are a breed of cattle (Bos Taurus) which originated in Charolais, around Charolles, in France.15
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and 233 calves from one herd and 3 Charolais cattle from 2 other herds. Sixty Piedmontese and 34 Saler cattle provided negative-control samples.19
are a beef breed of cattle (Bos taurus) which originated in Charolais, around Charolles, in France.20
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Breeder In Illinois - “Curfman Charolais Has Two Year Old Charolais Bulls and Groups Of Heifers...22
Breeders - Below is a list of Charolais Cattle Breeders across the world. Click the links to see the relevant contact information.23
Breeders' Society's mission is: The promotion and advancement of an easy care, economical highly efficient beef breed, adapted to Southern African grazing and feedlot conditions.24
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have demonstrated a definite superiority in growth ability, efficient feedlot gains and carcass cut-out values.28
have long been recognised for their superior growth rates. Feedlotters pay premiums for their growth and the abattoirs pays a premium for their high yielding carcases.29
Society The Society was established in the form of a co-operative Society in 1965 and the Irish Charolais Herd Book was subsequently set up.30
Society British Charolais Cattle Society = Title: British Charolais Cattle Society Description: The British Charolais Cattle Society was established in 1962 when the 31
Society (Inc) registered offices are located at Richmond Park, Nelson. The Nelson A&P Association provides administrative services to NZCCS members. Find out more about the office staff...32
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unquestionably possess the genetic material for colors other than white. And as with any genetic trait, it can be shaped by breeding and genetic selection.35
, a breed of cattle * Charollais (sheep), a breed of sheep * The extinct Charolais horse breed Disambiguation icon This disambiguation 36
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; Abnormal motor innervation and defect in the focalization of 16 S acetylcholinesterase in the end-plates rich regions of the muscleF Rieger,corresponding author Martine Pinçon-Raymond, P Dreyfus, Monique 38
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