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Finncattle refers to three closely related cattle breeds of Finnish origin. Finncattle is most often kept for dairy production and some animals are found in petting zoos and as pets. The Finncattle breeds are of small size and naturally polled however they differ in appearance and production levels. The Western Finncattle is red and the largest of the three breeds. The North Finnish cattle variety are white the West Finnish are red while the East Finnish are both white and red.

(Dairy/beef) * English Longhorn (Dairy/beef) * Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle (Beef/draught) * Estonian Red cattle (Dairy/beef) * Finnish cattle (Dairy/beef) * Fjäll or Swedish Mountain cattle 1
(Dairy/beef) * Norwegian Red (Dairy/beef) * Pajuna (Beef/draught) * Palmera (Beef/draught/sport) * Parda Alpina (Dairy/Beef) * Parthenais (Beef/draught) * Pasiega (Dairy/draught) * Pembroke cattle (Dairy/beef) * Philippine Native cattle (Dairy/draught) * 2
Eastern Finncattle are a breed of cattle from eastern Finland.3
(Dairy/beef) * Western Red Polled (Dairy/beef) * White Cáceres (Beef/draught) * White Park (Dairy/beef) * Yanbian cattle (Beef/draught) Zebu (Bos indicus) * Ankole-Watusi (Dairy/beef/draught/show) * African Boran(Beef/pets) * Brahman (cattle) (Dairy/beef/draught) * Dajal (Dairy/beef/draught) * Dhanni (Dairy/beef/draught) * Fulani Sudanese 4
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for dairy and meat Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle for draught and meat Fleckvieh for dairy and drought French Lowland Red Pied for dairy, and meat 6
/Mountain cattle (Fjallko)/Blacksided Trondor) - Finland, Sweden, Norway. (Long body/short legs) Small. Milk.7
and Lithuanian White Backed cattle contributed most of the genetic variation.8
contribution was the highest according to the Eding et al. method. Our results indicate that both methods of Weitzman and Eding et al.9
Elm Farm OllieEnderby Island cattleEnnstal Mountain Pied cattleEstonian native cattleÉvolène (cattle)FFerrandaise cattleFinching (cattle)Fjäll cattleFleckvieh cattleFlorida Cracker cattleFukutsuruGGalician BlondGarvonesaGelbviehGeorgian mountain cattleGerman Angus CattleGerman Black Pied CattleGerman Red PiedGirolandaGirolando cattleGlamorgan 10
* *Newsletter 9/03 Results and impressions from California clearly indicate that the Normande will play a major role in crossbreeding in years to come, both in confinement and grazing 11

Vacca di razza Western Finncattle Versione di stampa Versione italiana English version Versi12
(Finland) * Mainly brown; no horns; Use: Dairy Finnish Ayrshire (Scotland) * A little whiter than original Ayrshire; Use: Beef, Dairy Fribourg (Switzerland) * Black and white; Use: Beef, Dairy Galician Blond (Spain) * Red; Use: Beef, Dairy, Draught Galloway (Scotland) * Black; no horns; Use: Beef Gaolao (India) * White; Use: Dairy, Draught Gasconne (France) * Light to dark silver-grey; Use: Beef, Draught Gelbvieh (Germany) * Yellow; Use: Dairy, Draught German Black Pied (Germany) * Black and white pied; Use: Beef, Dairy German Red (Germany) * Red; Use: Beef, Dairy German Red Pied (Germany) * Red and white in clearly defined areas; Use: Beef, Dairy German Yellow: See - Gelbvieh Gir (India) * Mottled yellowish-red to almost black, or red and 13
* Eastern Red Polled * English Longhorn * Estonian Holstein * Estonian Native * Estonian Red * Estonian Red cattle * Finnish Ayrshire 14
* Northern Shorthorn * Norwegian Red * Ongole cattle * Pack animal * Pajuna * Palmera * Pantaneiro cattle * Parda Alpina * Parthenais * Pasiega * Pembroke cattle * Piedmontese (cattle) * Pineywoods (Cattle) 15
(heifer) - Finland - 2010-07-06 Ebian Spotted (cow) - China - 2010-05-17 ECUADOR - cattle (cow, bull, heifer, heifer calf, bull calf, ox, steer): * Esmerelda (cow and calf) - Ecuador - 2009-05-04 EGYPT - cattle (cow, bull, heifer, heifer calf, bull calf, ox, steer): * Baladi (ox) - Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria - 2010-09-14 * Damietta (heifer) - Egypt - 2009-05-26 * Egyptian (heifer calf) - Egypt - 2011-04-23 * Khalit (cow) - Egypt - 2010-06-01 * Maryuti (cow) - Egypt - 2010-11-05 Egyptian (heifer calf) - Egypt - 2011-04-23 Egyptian cattle: * Baladi (ox) - Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria - 2010-09-14 * Damietta (heifer) - Egypt - 2009-05-26 * Maryuti (cow) - Egypt - 2010-11-05 Enderby Island (cow) - Enderby Island - 2009-02-20 ENGLAND - cattle (cow, bull, heifer, heifer calf, bull calf, ox, steer): * Blue Albion (heifer calf) - England - 2009-05-15 * Chillingham (cow) - England - 2009-03-31 * Devon (cow) - England - 2010-05-30 16
Cattle * Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle * Fleckvieh Cattle 17
cattle breed (organism) North Malawi Angoni cattle breed (organism) North Somali Zebu cattle breed (organism) Northern Blue cattle breed (organism) Norwegian Red cattle breed (organism) Nuba Mountain cattle breed (organism) Nuer cattle breed (organism) Nuras cattle breed (organism) Nyoro cattle breed (organism) 18
/ * Yhteystiedot/contact * Min19
Image Source * Milk Production: 4,000 kilograms per lactation * Origin: Finland * Distinction: This dairy and beef cattle produces quality milk protein 20
212Western Finncattle 213Eastern Finncattle 214Anatolian Black 215Lourdais 216Kalmyk (cattle) 217Kazakh Whiteheaded (cattle) 218Red Tambov cattle 219Georgian mountain cattle 220Jutland cattle 221Barzona 222Canadienne cattle 223Aure et Saint-Girons 224Romagnola 225Amerifax 226Albanian (cattle) 227Ala 21