Finnish Ayrshire
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Author: Sanna Pudas from Oulu, Finland

The Finnish Ayrshire is the most common cattle in Finland (74%). The breed stems from the importation of around 1600 Ayrshire cattle from Scotland and Sweden from 1847-1923. The Finnish Ayrshire is bred with the Swedish Red Cattle (SRB) and local Norwegian cow breeds to breed the Norwegian Red which is the dominant breed in Norway. Semen is therefore imported from the Finnish Ayrshire to use for Norwegian Reds. In 2008 just one Finnish Ayrshire was used as the father of all Norwegian Reds.

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(FAY) and Swedish Red (SRB) will be evaluated based on more than 8000 reference bulls and data from the four national cattle databases.2
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Bull Calves (Journal of Dairy Science) The Prevention of Colon Carcinogenesis in Rats by Dietary Cellulose Is Greater than the Promotive Effect of Dietary Lard as Assessed by 7
cattle; there is a synchronous, tremor-like movement of the eyes but affected aninals are otherwise healthy.8

cattle; there is a synchronous, tremor-like movement of the eyes but affected aninals are otherwise healthy.9
cows the B allele has been associated with high protein content in the first lactation (Ikonen et al.10
cows were challenged twice with 100 mug endotoxin infused into one udder quarter.11
sires in Finland Figure 2: Genetic trends in days open for Finnish Ayrshire sires in Finland Figure 3 shows the genetic trend in calving interval in 12
, Swedish Red and Montbeliarde sires to Holsteins from the August 2011 USDA genetic evaluations ABS rep describes purebred Norwegian Red cows in Norway Norwegian Red crossbreds work well for UK dairyman = By admin On September 13, 2011 Richard 13
; FFR, Finnish Holstein-Friesian; FNR, Fjall cattle; ICE, Icelandic cattle; IST, Istoben; JER, Jersey; KHO, Khlomogory; LaBl, Latvian Blue; LaBr, Latvian Brown; LaDR, Latvian Danish Red; LiBW, Lithuanian Black-and-White; LiG, Lithuanian Light Grey; LiR, Lithuanian Red; LiWB, Lithuanian White Backed; Near, Near Eastern-Anatolian breeds; NFC, Northern Finncattle; NRF, Norwegian Red cattle; ORA, Eastern Red Polled; PCH, Pechora type; PoBW, Polish Holstein-Friesian; Podo, Podolian cattle; RDM, Danish Red; REG, Red Gorbatov; Ring, Ringamala cattle; ROK, Swedish Red Polled; SFR, Swedish Mountain cattle; SJM, Jutland Breed; SLB, Swedish Holstein-Friesian; SMT, German Simmental; SRB, Swedish Red-and-White; STN, Troender cattle; SUK, Suksun; TEL, Telemark; UKR, Ukrainian Grey; UWH, 14
, Norwegian Reds and Swedish Reds were based only on U.S. daughters so no foreign performance information influenced the results from these breeds.15