Florida Cracker cattle
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The Florida Cracker is a breed of cattle developed in the state of Florida and named for the Florida Cracker culture in which it was kept. Also known as the Florida Scrub or just as the Cracker cow these cattle are one of the criollo-type breeds originally brought to the Southern U.S. by the Spanish Conquistadors. The breed is very closely related to the Pineywoods cattle breed but purebred Crackers have not been crossbred with any English breeds like the Pineywoods has in the past.

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"Sponenberg also ran across another Spanish livestock breed in his travels through the South - Pineywoods cattle.5
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- Photo: From Wikipedia, courtesy of Crackercattle.org History of Cracker Cattle - This videos goes into great detail covering the history of Cracker Cattle. Very interesting.7
Association and the Florida Cracker Horse Association. She was named Florida’s Woman of the Year in Agriculture in 2006. FLORIDA WAS ONE BIG SWAMP.8
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- Shamrock farm A family farm dedicated to the conservation of American livestock breeds. Devoted to heirloom and rare breeds of poultry, geese, ducks, and Florida Cracker Cattle, derived from the Texas Longhorn.10
and Minnesota Zoo The monks were said to have brought good milk-producing Froment du Leon cattle from ... He weighs about 3,000 pounds and was born in April 2000.11
and a variety of birdlife are frequently seen and the tour includes a stop to see Southern cougars and opportunity to touch a small alligator.12
and where they came from, along with why and how the cattle industry plays a role in land stewardship and in the protection of natural areas of critical 13
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Association Gatherin' and Sale at Withlacoochee State Forest in Brooksville. For more information, call Stephen Monroe at (850) 410-0944. Oct.16
Association, also formed in 1989. That breed was also introduced by the Spaniards and later nearly wiped out through crossbreeding with the larger Angus, Hereford and Brahmans.17
Association, Susan and Pete Clemons, Lalla Rook Tomkins, Iris Wall, the National Endowment for the Arts, and others has made the exhibit and related programming possible.18
differ from Texas Longhorns or to get info on other livestock on the endangered list, click here then click on links for desired animals.19
, and their DNA can be traced back to the 1500s in Spain.21
, birds, and dozens of wild alligators face to face, then this tour is a must.22
, Texas Longhorn Cattle and the various breeds of Central and South America cattle known collectively as Criollo cattle all descend from the original cattle imported into the Americas by the Spanish.23
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: A Spanish Legacy Florida Cracker Cattle: A Spanish Legacy * Order: Reorder * Duration: 7:52 * Published: 12 Feb 2011 * Updated: 25 Feb 2012 Author: FloridaMuseumThis video is part of the free exhibit Florida Cattle Ranching: Five Centuries of Tradition at the Florida Museum Feb. 12 - May 8.25
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"," a paper for the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.27