Irish Moiled

The Irish Moiled is a rare cattle breed from Ireland. It is a dual-purpose breed producing both beef and milk. It originated in County Leitrim County Sligo and County Donegal but the breed is now found throughout in Northern Ireland. There are also breeders in the Republic of Ireland

herds in the country.1
Irish Moiled British White British White The British White is a naturally polled British cattle breed, white with black or red points, used mainly for beef.2
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Jersey Lincoln Red Longhorn Luing Northern Dairy Shorthorn Red Poll Riggit Galloway Shetland Sussex Vaynol Welsh Black White Bred Shorthorn White Park What do you look for in a cattle breed? * An abundance of meat * * 4
Kerry Longhorn Red Poll Shetland Traditional Hereford Traditional Lincoln Red Vaynol White Park Traditional Aberdeen Angus "Our philosophy is to mature all of our meat to enhance both flavour and quality.5
Reserve Champion � T & K Madden, Beef Shorthorn Calf Derby Champion � T & K Madden, Beef Shorthorn Reserve Champion � Valerie Orr, 6
Beef - Ulsters rare breed - Posted By Janis Bailey Sunday, 12 February 2012 14:01:05 Europe/London Irish Moiled Cow Irish Moiled Beef - grass fed, dry aged for 4 weeks, marbled and completely 7
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bull is set to be in the 'moo-d' for love at Wimpole Home Farm after the romantic future of a rare breed cow herd was put to the 12
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Cattle * Belted Galloway Cattle Beside our breeding program, the farm is open to the public on our Open Days, for children's birthday parties and for our Farmer 4 a Day events.16
Cattle and Dexter cattle graze the fields, keeping dominant plant species in check and allowing wildflowers to flourish.17

Cattle for sale Yarningale Hortensio Well grown, fabulously shaped, Ram Lamb. Last of this Seasons lambs available, will make excellent show prospect.18
cattle have moved down the ‘watch list’ (re-categorised as ‘at risk’ instead of ‘vulnerable’), Whitebred Shorthorn cattle and Cotswold and Whitefaced Woodland sheep have moved up, due to a lack of registrations (see panel, below).19
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Cattle Society - Information about this rare traditional, dual purpose, hardy Irish breed of ancient lineage.22
cattle, one of the rarest and most ancient breeds of cattle in Ireland with less than 150 pedigree breeds remaining.23
cow and calf Kerry cow Irish Moiled cow and calf Cattle have played a hugely important role in Ireland's economy and culture since the earliest times.24
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cow and calf which we have since named as Moon Shine Solas and Rua Bawn. The Irish Moiled is our rarest cattle breed.26
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cow; Fintan Murphy received 980 Guineas for a Dexter cow and calf, also 900 Guineas for a similar lot; Des Carson received 970 Guineas for Irish Moiled x heifer; 800 28
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is a hornless breed. The name Moile is derived from the Gaelic language and relates to the distinctive dome or mound on top of the head.31
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, but basically if you want top quality beef buy Irish, buy it from your local butcher and preferably from a butcher who has his own abbatoir.33
, Gloucester, Shetland and British White cattle, as well as Hebridean and Cotswold sheep feature at the farm, and are highly prized by The Duke for the quality of their produce and their natural affinity with the British farming landscape.34