Kerry cattle
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Kerry cattle are a rare breed of dairy cattle native to Ireland. They are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in Europe. Their coat is almost entirely black with a little white on the udder. The horns are whitish with dark tips. Cows weigh about 350–400 kg and produce 3000–3700 kg of milk per lactation. The breed is probably descended from the Celtic Shorthorn brought to Ireland as early as 2000 BC.

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Artistic Kerry Cattle Kerry cattle are indigenous to Ireland and are one of the oldest European breeds of cattle. Heritage Cattle Posters Heritage Cattle Posters If you have any questions, please email us at: albc@albc-usa.2
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Posted March 02, 2012 14:16Strategies for the conservation of the indigenous Kerry Cattle of IrelandIrish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) 2003"The Kerry cattle population is small with overlapping generations.5
The beef is selected from the animals bred on the Fuller Farm, Kilflynn, Co. Kerry.6
(photo) 1682 Monasteries of Kerry 1683-1839 Kenmare Estates Records: Journal No 2, containing Mr. Charles Hume's Dayly Receipts of the Rt Honble. Thomas Lord Visct.7
and Dexters” in Ireland. This first Register included 46 Kerry bulls, 100 Kerry cows, and only 10 Dexter cows. It did not include any Dexter bulls.8
are most probably the descendants of the Celtic Shorthorn, brought to Ireland as long ago as 2000 B.C.9
at Russet House Farm.10
breed which is native to Ireland, so much so, that a mating of 2 Dexters can produce a Kerry and vice versa.11
breed which is native to Ireland, so much so, that a mating of 2Dexters can produce a Kerry and vice versa. Dexters are an ancient established breed i.e.12
grazing the seaweed along the coast of South Western Ireland mated with sea lions and produced the first Dexters.13
Herd Pennsylvania Establishing a herd of Kerry cattle in Pennsylvania.14
HERDtheTHE KERRY CATTLE Photo of 213 PEDIGREE KERRY CATTLE Photo of feeding time Photos of bales of hay - Muckross Gardens - couple sitting on 15
in North America today are descended from an importation of registered Kerry cattle (11 heifers and a bull) that was made into Canada from Ireland in 1971 16

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Scheme - A grant of €76.12 per calf registered in the Kerry Cattle herdbook is paid to herd owners with 5 or more breeding females that are bred pure.20
Society REGION: MIDLANDS British Kerry Cattle Society Windlehill Farm, Sutton on the Hill, Ashbourne Derbys. Tel: 01283 732377
Society of Ireland * Meuse Rhine Issel Cattle Society of Ireland * Montbeliarde Cattle Society 22
Society of Ireland was formed in 1917 to promote and maintain the purity of the breed.23
was issued in 1890. Dexter cattle were first introduced into England in 1882. They were first shown at the Royal Show at Norwich in 1886.24
which developed from ancient Celtic cattle which existed in Ireland in Neolithic times.25
which is thought to be the largest herd in the British Isles.26
, 40 in total. There were 4 Shire horses and many roundsmen horses.27
, and local wild salmon is popular from May to August. Organic production is favoured for its taste, character and seasonality.28
, which are black.29
; and not to be left out the tale that the aboriginal Celtic black cattle while grazing seaweed on the western shore of the Emerald Isle mated with sea lions to produce what we know 30
||Pedigrees|}, } Download EndNote citations %0 Serial %A American Kerry and Dexter Cattle Club. %D 1921 %T American Kerry and Dexter cattle herd book.31