Lineback cattle

Lineback cattle is a dual breed of cattle derived from the Holstein breed and to whom the Randall cattle bear a strong resemblance. While not a commonplace breed they are found in small numbers as productive pets amid larger numbers of other dairy cattle breeds on dairy farms throughout North America. Known for their distinctive colour-sided coloration the Lineback has a black base and nose with a skunk-like white stripe or finching along the spine.

which are both endangered farm animals, will be brought to the Tilly Foster farm, which is about 30 miles north of White Plains.1
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Copy of a list written by Bill Lamont Christine Pike took a photograph of BULL B at her home before he was shipped in 1974.3
are a rare breed of cow defined by the distinctive lineback color pattern.4
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for New England’s snowy winters; parasite-resistant and heat-tolerant Gulf Coast sheep and Pineywoods cattle for the deep South; Guinea Hogs for small-farm family tables; Buckeye 6
Lynch Lineback Cattle Lynch Linebacks Lynch Linebacks Large Blacks Foraging Large Blacks Foraging Tamworths on a Windy Day Tamworths on a Windy Day Beltsville Small White Turkeys Beltsville Small White Turkeys Blue Slate Turkeys Blue Slate Turkeys Bourbon Red 7
, Poitou Donkeys, Choctow Mustangs, Dales Ponies and American Cream Draft Horses. Randall Linebacks of Vermont Dedicated to the conservation and promotion of Randall Lineback cattle.8
May 9, 11AM & 2PM Cayuga & Indian Runner Ducks May 30, 11AM & 2PM American Sheep June 6, 11AM & 2PM Delaware Chickens & more June 27, 11AM & 2PM Narragansett Turkeys 9

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in Virginia.11
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, sheep, Jackstock donkey, Narragansett turkeys, Indian Runner ducks, American Blue rabbits and other rare and endangered early American breeds.13
Daisy is bred and is due sometime in late May. Dolly aborted in October and is ...14
, which still are bred on farms of her nephews.15
on display are from the Whipple collection and demonstrate the efforts of Preserve Putnam County and the Tilly Foster Advisory Board to bring back animals to the 16
, American Jackstock donkey, and blue rabbits are just some of the endangered native breeds that will be on view from the Society for the Preservation of Putnam 17
for sale, several to choose from. Call Glenn McCaig, Brownsburg/Chatham, QC at 450-562-8649. Registered Dorset Horns for sale at all times.18