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The Lithuanian Red is a breed of cattle that was formed by crossing Danish Red cattle with the local Lithuanian cattle. In 1951 the cross was recognized as a new breed. It currently accounts for about 33% of the entire cattle population in Lithuania. The young stock of the Lithuanian Red breed are noted for their rapid growth rate good food conversion and high carcass quality. When intensively fattened steers weigh roughly 413 kilograms (911 pounds) as yearlings.

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wine, and stuck his toe on a nail in the floor and shouted an expletive in Polish which sounded a bit like the above word.2
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Cross Society and the Society for the Physically Disabled of Lithuania.5
Cross, which modernized the resort, constructed some mud baths, took care of sewerage and water supply and even set up regular bus services from Birstonas to 6
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Cross, which maintained a rather detailed statistics on the state of health of the Lithuanian refugees, calculated that in mid-1947 approximately 2,000 Lithuanian D.P.s had tuberculosis.8
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Data Book were found in the park: Carabus coriaceus, C.11
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; LiWB, Lithuanian White Backed; Near, Near Eastern-Anatolian breeds; NFC, Northern Finncattle; NRF, Norwegian Red cattle; ORA, Eastern Red Polled; PCH, Pechora type; PoBW, Polish Holstein-Friesian; Podo, Podolian cattle; RDM, Danish Red; REG, Red Gorbatov; Ring, Ringamala cattle; ROK, Swedish Red Polled; SFR, Swedish Mountain cattle; SJM, Jutland Breed; SLB, Swedish Holstein-Friesian; SMT, German Simmental; SRB, Swedish Red-and-White; STN, Troender cattle; SUK, Suksun; TEL, Telemark; UKR, Ukrainian Grey; UWH, 13

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Vodka Lithuanian Red Vodka 700ml 21%ALC/VOL Country of Origin: Lithuania Standard Drinks: 12 Vodka with Cranberry Stumbras Green Nines Stumbras Green Nines 700ml 35%ALC/VOL Country of 15
Data Book and it is now allowed do fish brown trout upon licence.16
Book, 118 species of moss (4 protected species, and 3 species were found in Lithuania for the first time), 204 species of lichen (4 protected species), 15 species 17
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Cross Organization, the conditions of asylum seekers reception are being improved; they are provided with social and humanitarian aid.24
Cross in their Hunger Day Appeal? The answer: hunger and poverty. According to the World Development indicators, one Lithuanian out of six lives in poverty.25