Lowline cattle
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Lowline cattle are a breed of small polled beef cattle which were developed by breeders in Australia from black Aberdeen Angus cattle. They are small without having a specific dwarfing gene. They are now popular in the United States used as pets and suitable for showing by children.

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Contact Lowline Home 2011 ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW 'Yarra Ranges Epiphany' SUPREME EXHIBIT & SMALL BREEDS INTERBREED CHAMPION Yarra Ranges Epiphany is a Jackaroo daughter Australian Lowline judge, Greg Fuller from Pine Creek Angus Stud, said "she is great 6
The Lowline is a miniature black angus breed developed in Australia and ideal for the hobby farmer or person who does not want large animals that may be difficult 7
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= A Rare Breed of Austalian Origin - In 1974 a special research project was commenced at the Trangie Research Centre in New South Wales utilizing the Angus herd 15
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Located in the mountains of northern California, Alturas Ranches has a small herd (about 25 cows, plus some heifers) of purebred Lowline Angus, about 200 purebred Angus 20
WHY SMALLER CATTLE? WHY LOWLINES? The cattle business in the past has been for the large land owners and large herds.21
- Matching calving ease with value on the rail BeefTalk: Lowline Cattle - Matching calving ease with value on the rail = Kris Ringwall, North Dakota State UniversityApr.22
and witness our consummate operation first hand; we know the proof is in the pudding! - Winner of the 2009 Northern International Livestock Exposition Miniature Lowline 23

are a fantastic choice for new and experienced cattle breeders and farmers.24
are a great fit for small farms and acreages. As a cattle breed they are efficient grass to beef converters, and are very mild tempered.25
arrive at Heathrow - JCS Livestock are very proud to have assisted with the import of 10 Lowline Cattle from Canada earlier this year- the first 26
as proof that smaller animals could increase profits and improve the lives of producers while at the same time meeting consumer demands for tender meat in smaller-sized cuts, 27
Breeders - Below is a list of Lowline Cattle Breeders across the world. Click the links to see the relevant contact information.28
Company is proud to be part of the resurgence in Hawaii of raising and finishing cattle locally, on pasture.29
Events Calendar Scott & Kristen Boehnlein * New Creation Farm & Childrens Ministry * Chardon Ohio * 440-285-5993 * newcreationfarms@gmail.com OR renaissancebldg@windstream.net amhalogo.30
History = The Australian Low line cattle came from a cattle research project conduced by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture located in Trangie, Australia.31
in the East. Mature bulls, cows and steers both fullblood and percentages with many new calves on the ground.32
links in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UKAustralian Lowline small Angus cattle developed scientificallyAbout Us History Dress-out Lifestylers Dairy_beef Small_calves Saleyard Gallery Embryos Weaners Showring Links Site Map 33
offer a great line of genetically superior beef. Lowlines are naturally polled and about 60% of the size of normal beef breeds.34
on display = Breed is from Australia.35
please forward this message on to them, or ask them to contact us for more information Ruth & Steve Manners Mt Devine Lowlines www.lowlines.co.36
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Stud = Amberfield Lowline Cattle Stud is located near Greenmount on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. The owners are Nina and Geoff Buttsworth.38
Stud is a small, innovative cattle stud. Our aim is simply to breed high quality Lowline cattle.39
with winter coat Lowline sporting a good winter coat! Email 40
with you! Big Island Lowlines Export 10 Females to the UK On April 28, 2010, 10 Lowline heifers from Big Island Lowlines were exported to a new Lowline breeder in the UK.41
– at least all those we have met! Ease of handling Small size (bulls around 43 inches tall and cows about 39 inches) and docile natures 42
, with all of their attributes, are a good fit with the focus the Lindahl Family has had over the past years.43
Australian Lowline small Angus cattle developed scientificallyAbout Us History Dress-out Lifestylers Dairy_beef Small_calves Saleyard Gallery Embryos Weaners Showring Links Site MapAustralian Lowline small Angus weaners at six months These Australian Lowline (small Angus) weaners averaged 21kg at birth.44
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