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Marinhoa is a cattle breed from Portugal. A large animal with harmonious forms. Thick elastic and prominent skin; light brown coat tending to straw; docile temperament; long and flat head; bulky but not large abdomen; long wide and deep back and topsides; muscled members strong with good angulation; dark mucous; small horns; sub-concave profile. The breed region is circumscribed almost exclusively to the Central Portugal in Aveiro District.

(Dairy/beef/draught) * Maronesa (Dairy/beef/draught) * Mashona (Beef/draught) * Marchigiana (Beef/draught) * Menorquina (Beef/draught) * Mertolenga Cattle (Beef/draught) * Meuse-Rhine-Issel, Meuse-Rhine-Yssel or Maas-Rijn-IJssel (Dairy/beef) * Milking Devon (Dairy/beef/draught) * Milking Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) * Minhota Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) * Mirandesa cattle (Beef/draught) * 1
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Marinhoa is a cattle breed from Portugal. Marinhoa cattle Marinhoa is a cattle breed from Portugal. Maronesa Maronesa is a cattle breed from the Trás-os-Montes region in Portugal.4
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