Milking Devon
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The Milking Devon is a breed of cattle from the United States. Originally derived from British North Devon cattle brought to North America in the 17th century the two strains have since diverged significantly and the breed is often called the American Milking Devon to differentiate it from its British cousin.

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, Milking Shorthorn, Norwegian Red The Dairy Cattle Breeders Directory is a list of Dairy Farms, Breeders, and Individuals who have dairy cows, calves, bulls, and artificial insemination services.2
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Cattle = Bunten Farm The Bunten farm is a 193-acre parcel of farmland, managed woodland and deer wintering yard, protected by the Conservation Land Stewardship Program of New Hampshire.4
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are a truly triple-purpose heritage breed of cattle that is listed as Critical by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.6
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cattle rejuvenate the soil, sequester carbon and yield nutrient dense foods and medicines including milk, grass fed meats, eggs, fermented vegetables (sauerkraut and kimchi / kim-chi), and herbal tinctures.8
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is the purest example of what would have been in the area Once Upon a Time, I thought I'd include it in a post here.11
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Cattle Descended from the Red Devon cattle native to Devonshire, England, these cattle were prized in 18th century Virginia for their usefulness and were considered a “dual-purpose” breed; they were used for 16
Heifers, we hope to offer farm fresh dairy product in 2010. Feel free to visit our blogspot to keep up to date on happenings at the farm! www.bearfootfarm.blogspot.17
bulls to our herd that we are also offering Bull Semen for sale from them as well.18
in 1977 and encouraged creation of the American Milking Devon Association, I feel qualified to speak to the importance of diversity.19
and Jersey/ Devon crosses are rotationally grazed on nutrient-rich, certified organic pasture.20
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After Honey died we were on the look-out for a new milking cow, but it was a hopeless kind of a search because nothing was for sale around here and it 24
cattle-the first breed considered authentic for Colonial Williamsburg-and Leicester sheep were breeds designated as "critically endangered" (fewer than 200 annual registrations) or "rare" (fewer than 1,000 annual registrations) by the 25
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cattle (a triple purpose breed) * An analysis of Kerry and Ayrshire cattle (two dairy breeds) Tim Baumgartner Tim Baumgartner, is an Animal Analysis Associates (aAa) analyzer, from Oakdale, California.29
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is known as the North Devon or Ruby Red Devon. Like most dual-purpose breeds, the Devon split into two groups early in the 20th Century.33
strain (unique to America) has been maintained and is represented by the American Milking Devon Cattle Association. more...34
cattle that are raised on the rolling hills of the farm. Milking Devons were brought to this county in 1690 and are a true triple purpose animal.35
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The Milking Devon is a bright red, medium-sized, triple-purpose breed (milk, meat and oxen) adapted to survive on a diet high in forage that lacks quality, and in severe 37
Association and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.38
, the Randall Lineback, and the Red Poll – had been finished on Ayrshire Farm, fed an organic finishing feed, and raised and processed humanely, following Humane Farm Animal Care’s standards.39
FAQ Search Site FAQs What are Milking Devons? Milking Devons are a breed of cattle that originate from the southwest of England - that peninsula that makes up the counties of 40
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Cattle Sales Contact Us Dedicated to the Conservation of Rare Breeds Old Gjerpen Farm (OGF) is a link to the past and to the future.42
Cattle - Status: Critical Beginning in 1623, the Pilgrims imported British Devon cattle to New England.43
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