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Miniature Texas Longhorns are a fairly new idea. They are purebred registered Texas Longhorns that have been downsized by breeding the smallest Texas Longhorns together over time. Just like the full-sized Texas Longhorns the miniature version comes in many different colors coat patterns and horn sizes and styles. While Miniature Texas Longhorns are very small the goal is to retain the characteristics and proportions of the full-sized.

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- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Miniature Texas Longhorns began as a dream for John Fore of Foresite Farm. ... cattle, including Miniature Texas Longhorn, are great for small-acreage farms and ...5
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breeder websites I see wild fluctuations in price from one animal to the next.7
Breeders Group BRUSHPOPPER Ron & Donna Garison, Doyline, LA Steve & Rene Azinger, Houston, TX T.M.8
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cow in November and she is bred to a really nice bull. She's not a maiden and has had no problem calving her first cow.12
Cows TX - WI May 2004 Jane DuPlessis Tulare, CA 7 Miniature Donkey Jennets 5 Mini Jennets & 1 Yearling Jack Two Weanling Miniature Donkeys 4 Miniature Donkey 13
heifer born on Memorial Day 2011 V3C Smokin' Lady Liberty the Miniature Texas Longhorn heifer born on Memorial Day 2011 * Order: Reorder 14
Heifers for sale one is 9 Months old and one is 10 Months old serious enquiries only ...15
Heifers for sale one is 9 Months old and one is 10 Months old serious enquiries...Time: 05:30 p.m.16
that is only 37 inches tall. She has been a great producer for us. She will make a great addition to any herd.17
with the TLBAA! ***FOUNDATION FEMALE*** (dad) JR Jubilee (4/19/10) She comes from some of the richest longhorn blood lines in history.18
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- $500 (Myakka City) in Sarasota, Florida For Sale = Details for: Miniature Texas Longhorns - $500 (Myakka City) Price: $500 20
are very small, the goal is to retain the characteristics and proportions of the \"full-sized. ~ Asturian Valley cattle originate from the valleys of Asturias, Spain.21