Miniature cattle
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The miniature cattle's popularity is on the rise due to their compatibility with small acreage farms. Some miniature breeds such as Dexter and certain strains of Zebu are descendants of primitive cattle that existed before commercialization created larger body frames and are therefore considered naturally small. Some miniature breeds were created by breeding down or selecting the smallest stock from established breeds like Angus and Hereford.

Counter Sedona have been breeding miniature cattle for a number of years now. We began with Dexter's, then ventured into Miniature Belted Galloway's.1
Boys Girls Sales Stud History Felicite & Greg Phone : 07 4691 6222 Toowoomba ~ Queensland Things to consider before buying cattle : * Tick control – even if you have not seen ticks on your farm, you may still live in a cattle tick zone.2
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? There are two categories of miniature cattle, full miniature and mid size miniature. The category an animal fits in is a function of age and height.5
BB Acres Miniature Cattle My Miniature Cattle are more of a medium size. Being much smaller then regular cattle, but not tiny.6
Miniature cattle are breeds of cattle smaller than the norm. The miniature cattle's popularity is on the rise due to their compatibility with small acreage farms.7
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, we can often help you to re-home them.9
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(Autumn Joy, Lucy, Norman, Fuzzy) Hello my name is Lucy. I was named after the famous redhead in the "I Love Lucy" t.v. show.11
in the northeast. - Click here to add Exuberance Farm Mini Cows For Sale in Pennsylvania to your bookmarks/favorites.12
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The Beef Industry Solution of the Future Now Available: Lowline Angus / Bulls Calves / Embryos / Semen Miniature Belted Angus (All American Cattle) 16
group at Yahoo!, We and others owning miniature cattle are getting a non profit miniature cattle association together.17
(including several breeds of mini cows), bactrian camels, dachshunds, soay sheep, miniature dapple/double-dapple dachshunds dogs, four-horned hair sheep, and African Crested Porcupines.18
breeders in NC/Southeast VA area. Dexter-crosses are ok, but not full bred. mostly interested in beef types, and as pets. ...19
for sale one black zebu bull and a red zebu cow. And one half dexter half highlander heafer. $1400 for all three. location in MO....20
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are unique and some can be very colorful cattle. Excellent for people who enjoy caring for animals but want something besides a horse or dog.23

2791 Washington Rd.24
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- These tiny bovine pets are a new breed of cattle, quite similar to a beefmaster or Santa Gertrudis in miniature.26
of one kind or another since 1992. We have had dexters and...27
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* grass hay for sal...29
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Page - Miniature Horses and Ponies = After 35 years of breeding miniature horses and ponies we recognize and use quality stock.31
are practical and efficient and perfect for the rapidly growing number of smaller farms.32
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world-wide led to the development of the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Society in America, which set down standards for these breeds, with Hugh being one of the charter members of 36
= Listed by F M G from Toowoomba, QLD (map) Miniature cattle - Lynleigh is a lovely little miniature heifer. She is quiet and has good colouring and very stocky build. Would make great pet or breeder.38
from us: bullet All of our miniature zebu are registered IMZA foundation pure.....39
are the foundation of a new niche beef industry.40
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= 3/10/2010 10:33:34 AMBy Modern Day Redneck Tags: Cattle, Farming, Beef A photo of the Modern Day RedneckI was trying to figure out what I could raise on such a small farm besides the normal chickens, rabbits and pygmy goats.43
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- SW Missouri Cattle - 4R Farms Lowline Angus Cattle, Miniature Cattle - SW Missouri Cattle - 4R Farms 4R Farms Lowline Angus Cattle = * Home * Sale Pen * Our Herd * Facts * Links Lowline Cattle History = The Australian Low line cattle came from a cattle research project conduced by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture located in Trangie, Australia.45