Nguni cattle
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The Nguni cattle breed is indigenous to southern Africa. A hybrid of indigenous and Indian cattle they were introduced by the Bantu tribes of southern Africa from the north of the continent. They are medium sized adapted to grazing on the Highveld.

of the zulu people THE ABUNDANT HERDS A celebration of the Nguni cattle of the Zulu people = THE ABUNDANT HERDS A celebration 1
receive their name from the black tribes of Africa, communally known as the Nguni people. One of the most remarkable products of evolution found in the animal kingdom is Nguni cattle.2
Polled Nguni Photos Download Sales & Service Contact Us e-mail me Introduction As a technical adviser and inspector for SA Studbook in the late 1960's, I worked mainly with our cattle breeds.3
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of the Zulu People = January 21, 2011 Nguni Cattle by joeandkat2007
Image No 19076 Caption Nguni cattle grazing Location Rocktail Bay, Maputaland, northern Natal Country South Africa License Type Licensed 9
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Club Mission A non-profit organization that strives to conserve and enhance the unique characteristics of the Nguni cattle breed, and to promote the proliferation of the 11
by ~Devil-Wolf-1999 = Photography / Animals, Plants & Nature / Miscellaneous ©2007-2012 ~Devil-Wolf-1999 I absolutely :heart: Nguni cattle! We headed off to a friend's game farm this weekend and I got loads of shots. I'll only be putting selected ones here. Anyway, when and if we get a farm I want Nguni cattle.12
Breeders Society for their help and support over the years. We also wish the Society all the best of luck with its furture in breeding and decision making.13
bull with large horns in a meadow Keywords: background breed brown bull cattle dairy disease ears eyes farm free fur grass green hardy hide horns looking male meadow mottled 14
in Australia ? * The Brahman Perspective: Mr Abel Smith from S Kidman and Co was quoted in the 17 April 2008 15
of the Zulu People by Marguerite Poland and Leigh Voigt, published by Fernwood Press, Poland, M., Hammond-Tooke, D. & Voight, L. 2003.16
Small Pastels Prints Horses Out and About in SA Graham Kearney - wildlife paintings and photography Profile = Graham Kearney Born in Gauteng, South Africa on 6th December 1978, Graham 17
breed is indigenous to Southern Africa.18
by Leigh Voigt, on loan from the Oppenheimer family, will be on exhibition at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.19
Breeders - Below is a list of Nguni Cattle Breeders across the world. Click the links to see the relevant contact information.20
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= Since the 11th march 2007 I have developed a fascination for Nguni Cattle. On that particular day I visited the farm, Rooipoort of our friends Carl and Rentia Malcomess.22
Breeders Society of South Africa in 1985-86.23
Australia An Old Breed for an Old Continent - A new Match! 2010 is the 6th year of a new initiative - to bring to Australia one of the fast growing 24
formed the wealth of many African peoples. But with the event of colonialism these cattle were sidelined, despite the fact of their wonderful characteristics.25
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Posters Nguni Cattle Posters = For wall-to-wall fun, add your personality to everything from dorm rooms to the board room with cool posters.28
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? The answer is simple.33
The MAK brand mark is your guarantee of pure Makatini Nguni cattle The Nguni cattle from the Makatini region have been selected by nature through the ages to perform under exceptionally 34
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We have a herd of Nguni cattle on Waylands. This indigenous African breed is identified by their multiple patterns and colours.36
a breed of Bos indicus cattle in which testicular hypoplasia is recognized as being inherited.37
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Club | Durban, Kwazulu Natal - Posted on September 1st, 2010 by Zenia The KZN Nguni Cattle Club is a non-profit organization striving to conserve and enhance upon the unique characteristics of the Nguni 39
of the Zulu people With oil and watercolour paintings, and sepia drawings by internationally acclaimed artist, Leigh Voigt, it examines the vital role 40
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