Panda cow
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Panda cow is a breed of miniature cattle with markings that resemble those of a giant panda. There are reportedly only 24 in the world as of January 2011 As well as being known as the two word combination of the words Panda and Cow it has also been known to be referred to as a Pow or a Mow (pronounced Mau being a combination of the words Miniature and Cow). The panda cow is also known by the newly formed scientific name for this animal extrarius exemplum bovis.

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Parthenais Pinzgauer Qinchitan Red Angus Red Angus Cow with Calves in Field 3
? The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation somehow goes quite well.4
Born in a Farm in Colorado Could be Exported to China for $30,000 = Richard Gradwohl is a farmer from Covington, Washington.5
'' = The miniature panda cow born in born in Larimer County is the result of genetic manipulation.6
because of the panda-like fur pattern. The breed can only be produced by genetic manipulation and careful breeding.7
'' Born In Colorado huffingtonpost.8
'' Born in Colorado = Ben could fetch up to $30K - By Polly Davis Doig, Newser Staff Posted Jan 2, 2011 9
(rare) 2011 = * Add a comment Darrell Lum's photoDarrell LumYouTube Spotlight Examiner + Subscribe * 1 comment * Facebook * Tweet * * * * Reddit * Print * Email * Facebook * Tweet * * * * Reddit * Print * Email YouTube Spotlight: Miniature panda cow (rare) To view VIDEO, click on the video IMAGE on your left CRAVE MORE? YouTube Spotlight Videos Darrell Lum is passionate about YouTube.10
| January 1, 2011 Rare Miniature Panda Cow born in Colorado: See one at Memphis zoo = * Add a comment Barbie Crafts' photoBarbie CraftsKnoxville Social Media Examiner + Subscribe 11
'' born in Colorado = By The Associated PressJanuary 2, 2011 Share this * Email * Comments (1) 12
to be auctioned in fundraiser for Panda International = By Monte Whaley The Denver Postdenverpost.13
"," named Ben, hours after the rare miniature cow was born in Campion.14
Cost Efficient? = I saw there is a cow called the panda cow that literally looks like a panda. i was wondering if it would be cost efficient to farm these cows.15
'' born in northern Colorado = * Associated Press * Posted January 1, 2011 at 9:27 a.m.16
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“” Genetically Engineered “Panda Cow” = Posted On Sunday, January 2, 2011 By Master. Under DNA - Animal Tags: Gene Altered Cows, Genetic manipulation, Genetically Engineered Animals, Panda Cow .18
! - By Oli Johnson | February 17, 2011 5:55 AM Panda_Cow.19
pees on owner on live TV = * From: NewsCore * January 04, 2011 12:00AM * Increase Text 20
'' born on Colorado farm = article:302062:13::0Andrew By Andrew Moran Jan 2, 2011 in Environment 1 comment By Andrew Moran.21

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auction will raise funds for panda bears The rare panda cow that brought fame to Loveland this winter is now being auctioned to raise money for its 23
'' born in Larimer County is thought to be one of only about 24 in the world.24
'' born in Colorado = The mini-cattle are bred solely as pets - Updated: Tuesday, 04 Jan 2011, 11:09 AM EST Published : 25
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is the result of genetic manipulation.27
? = I need it for a science project. And they are real animals.28
- Treetoad Treetoad Asked: What is the size of a full grown panda cow? = What is the size of a full grown panda cow? Answer this question Liked 29
& Calf - Posted by admin on February 18, 2011 Leave a comment (14) Go to comments Share Share with your friends on Facebook StorkNote: Unreleased items 30
Rare Miniature Panda Cow - His name is Ben, and his mother is a Lowline Angus cow, meaning she's a miniature.31
!! - Just a few days ago, it was reported that a Panda Cow was given birth! There are about 24 Panda Cows in the world, and they can cost US$30000 if you want to 32
'' born in Colorado = The calf, named Ben, is thought to be one of fewer than 25 in the world.33
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Colorado farmer Chris Jessen said the dam, a lowline Angus cow named Bella, went into labour on Thursday night and gave birth in the morning of New Year's Eve 35
EP - by Broken Stereotype Panda Cow EP Cover Art * Tweet * / * Digital Album Immediate download of 4-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.36
- January 3, 2011 in congratulations?, crimes against nature, different strokes for different folks, farmer, i could breed a smaller one just sayin', i smell sliders!, iffy, lolwut?, no no no, 37
'' Born, May Sell for $30,000 - – Farmer Chris Jensen creates a miniature panda cow resulting from genetic manipulation.38
'' named Ben, hours after the rare miniature cow was born in Campion, Colo. The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation.39
10:06 PM admin No comments a miniature cow with similar markings as a panda has been born in a farm in colorado with the help of 40
Iron Chef LOL - This is what you get when people have nothing better to do than breed cows with a Panda.41
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