Piedmontese (cattle)
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The Piedmontese is a breed of cattle from the region of Piedmont in north-west Italy. The calves are born fawn in colour turning grey-white as they mature. The breed developed through natural selection followed by the normal processes of domestication and particularly from the late nineteenth century when the characteristic postpartum hypertrophic muscle growth first appeared through selective breeding. The first herd-book was opened in 1877.

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Piedmontese cattle in Fauquier County, Virginia, to exacting standards. We produce some of the most delicious beef you have ever tasted. We meet all USDA standards.3
Piedmontese Mountain Range Piedmontese, located in southern New Mexico, is the first to produce a DNA verified heritage, DNA verified double myostatin allele, DNA verified Homozygous Polled Black 4
Piedmontese Offering Quality Fullblood ckc_bryson 009 Pictured at 1 year of age CKC Bryson was the Grand Champion Piedmontese bull of the 2010 World Beef Expo Dennis 5
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Piedmontese - Cattle from 3 suppliers on Alibaba.com. You might also be interested in Piedmontese - Cattle, holstein cattle, livestock cattle and dairy cattle.8
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Piedmontese - The Breed of the Future Piedmontese breeders (and the Italians) have known about the advantages of the heavier muscling and tender beef produced by Piedmontese for a 10
Piedmontese and their pleasure in food 'Wine country is gourmet country' says Paul Bocuse, founder of nouvelle cuisine.11
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Piedmontese Beef - This Piedmontese Beef comes to us from the Northern Alpine Region of Italy.13
Piedmontese Beef About the Piedmontese Breed - - Ordering Information Health Information History of the Breed Endorsements Health Information Per 3.14
Piedmontese Beef & Orchard Grass Hay Grass Fed Beef Piedmontese Beef Price & Ordering Info Testimonials About Our Farm Cooking Tips Beef Recipes Orchard grass hay Farm Photos Meet the Haymasters Snowbelt Alpacas FAQ Contact Us News,Video & Links Site Map Recipes for cooking Grass-fed Piedmontese beef The following recipes are tested and tried using our own grass fed Piedmontese Beef.15
Piedmontese beef and USDA choice beef in a variety of cuts and packages.16
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Piedmontese blood lines, inspire growth and awareness of the breed, and produce and sell the highest quality all natural beef to our community.19
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Piedmontese Breed - The Piedmont region of northwestern Italy has for centuries been famous for its wines and its rich cuisine.21
Piedmontese breed from Italy, fulfilling our desire to produce a beef product that is not only raised in harmony with Nature, but heart healthy as well. Sastex Beef represents that desire and that product.22
Piedmontese breed of today. There are several breeds from Italy which also show the influence of this Brahman migration - these are the so-called Italian "white breeds"...23

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= Piedmontese Cattle are renowned for their quality lean healthful meat. Marketing companies pay premiums for these cattle ! Vist the North American Piedmontese Assoc. website at www.piedmontese.26
breed as our foundation stock. Piedmontese meat rivals chicken and fish as a low fat lean source of protein.27
Piedmontese Cattle = Other name(s): Razza bovina Piemontese Scientific name: Bos taurus Country / Place of origin: Italy History: Piedmontese Cattle were developed in the region of Piedmont in northwest Italy. The first herd-book was opened in 1877.28
and Beef = BREED ORIGIN: The Piedmontese cattle originated in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, a secluded pocket, naturally protected by the Alps Mountains, evolving over some 25,000 years when the Zebu and Auroch cattle 29
breed emerged from Piedmont Italy, the alpine region which is a secluded pocket, naturally protected by the Alps.30
come from the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. Grass Fed Piedmontese Beef - Lean, Low Cholesterol and Very Tender! ChemicalFree.31
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Piedmontese feast concludes with desserts of magnificent simplicity, usually celebrating the season's harvest of nuts and fruits.34
Piedmontese have no rivals in Italy. The climate is rigid by Italian standards, with distinct changes of season. Winters are cold with plenty of snow.35
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>Piedmontese Myostain Test The "double-muscling" trait observed in the Piedmontese breed of cattle is due to a natural variation in the myostatin gene.45