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Red Sindhi cattle are the most popular of all Zebu dairy breeds. The breed originated in the Sindh province of Pakistan they are widely kept for milk production across India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka and other countries. They have been used for crossbreeding with temperate (European) origin dairy breeds in many countries to combine their tropical adaptations (heat tolerance tick resistance disease resistance fertility at higher temperatures etc.

 FarmHubSindhLES Nabisar Road TharparkarLES MalirKarachiRed Sindhi Cattle Breeding Farm Tando Mohammad Khan, HyderabadKundi Buffalo Farm Rohri, District SukkurKamori Goat Farm KhudabadDaduNWFPCattle Breeding and Dairy Farm HarchandCharsaddaJaba Sheep Farm Mansehra Livestock Development and Research Farm SurezaiPeshawarChapter 11: Genetic Biodiversity Pakistan is a country with 1
* rinderpest * rodeo * Sahiwal cattle * Sanga cattle * South Asia * species * subspecies * Texas A&M University * The Simpsons * The Song of the Cebú * Tropics * United Kingdom * water buffalo * Wetherspoon 2
* Ringamåla cattle * Romagnola S * Sahiwal cattle * Selembu * Senepol * Shorthorn * Siboney de Cuba (Cattle) * Simmental cattle * Southern Yellow cattle and Philippine Native cattle * Spanish Fighting Bull * Square Meater * Swedish Hornless cattle * Swedish Red cattle T * Tasmanian Grey * Texas Longhorn (cattle) * Tswana (cattle) * Tuli (cattle) U * Ukrainian Grey cattle W * Watusi (cattle) * Western Finncattle * White Fulani cattle * White Park Y * Yanbian cattle Z * Żubroń Retrieved from "http://mediawiki.dp.teoma.3
Red Sindhi cattle are the most popular of all Zebu dairy breeds. Red Tambov cattle Red Tambov cattle (Kpacнaя тaмбoвcкaя, Krasnaya tambovskaya) are a cattle breed from the Tambov Oblast of Russia.4
red siskin Red Sismica del Noroeste de Mexico Red Sismológica Nacional de Colombia Red skeletal muscle cell Red skeletal muscle cell Red 5
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- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Red Sindhi cattle are the most popular of all Zebu dairy breeds. ... has been crossed with include Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss and Danish Red. It has also ...7
and Manipuri, Nili-Ravi and Murrah breeds of buffalo. Deshi bullocks weigh an average of 225 kg, crossbreds are slightly heavier at 275 kg and buffalo weigh an average of 400 kg.8
are the most popular of all Zebu dairy breeds. Remelana jangala The Chocolate Royal , Remelana jangala is a species of lycaenid or blue butterfly found in Asia.9
arrived in Australia in 1954 from Pakistan, as a gift to the Australian Government.10

breed (organism) Red Steppe cattle breed (organism) Red and White cattle breed (organism) Reggiana cattle breed (organism) Regus cattle breed (organism) Rendena cattle breed (organism) Renitelo cattle breed (organism) Retinta cattle breed (organism) Rhaetian Gray cattle breed (organism) Rio Limon Dairy Criollo cattle breed (organism) Riopardenze cattle breed (organism) Rodopi cattle breed (organism) Rojhan cattle breed (organism) 11
Breeding Farm, in Tando Mohammad Khan, for breeding and raising milch animals on modern professional lines on 2483.12
breeds * Abstract: Polymorphism of kappa‐casein (κ‐CN) gene in three Bos indicus cattle breeds was investigated using a polymerase 13
but exact literature was not available.14
in the state, 1842 is present in the Tehri district. The buffalo breeds in the state include Murrah and Bhadawari.15
may be a bit difficult to control, with careful attention they will tame down nicely.16
Red Sindhi''' cattle, a most popular of all Zebu dairy breedswikipedia Black Pied Dairy Cattle Black Pied Dairy Cattle, a cattle breed of the GDR, created through combination breedingwikipedia Pembroke cattle 17
under hot humid environment of Baluchistan province of Pakistan. 1998 Bashir Ahmad Dr. M.I.18
, Luing cattle, Danish Red cattle, Australian Friesian Sahiwal, Canadienne cattle, Abigar, Hybridmaster, Alderney cattle, Durham Ox, Kangeyam bull, Madura cattle, Tarentaise cattle, Canchim, Butana and Kenana cattle, Shetland cattle, Pembroke cattle, Carinthian Blondvieh, French Simmental, Chinese black pied, Holando-Argentino, Aosta cattle, Buša cattle, Belgian Red Cattle, Normande Cattle, Wangus, Armorican, Senepol, Brown Caucasian, Glan Cattle, Romagnola, Southern Yellow cattle and Philippine Native cattle, Black Pied Dairy Cattle, Harz Red mountain cattle, Lincoln Red, Maremmana, North Devon, Aure et Saint-Girons, Tasmanian Grey, Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle, Ennstal 19
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