The Senepol breed of beef cattle were developed on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix from N'Dama cattle imported in the late 19th century by crossing with Red Poll cattle. The Senepol breed combines the N'Dama characteristics of heat tolerance and insect resistance with the docile nature good meat and high milk production of the Red Poll. They are polled short haired and colored red black or brown.

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Home * Senepol Gallery * Quarter Horse Home * Quarter Horse Gallery * Shows * Sales * Contact Calcrete Senepol Stud = Celebrating 10 years of breeding Senepol Cattle Calcrete Senepol stud was established in 2000 and was responsible for introducing the first Senepol cattle to South Africa.3
Senepol semen Order by: CN5480 Hercules CN5480 Hercules Hercules is the obvious choice if you want Senepol cattle with size, muscle, and growth.4
are best described as being of medium frame - extremes of mucscle and bone having been avoided in striking a workable balance of feed efficiency to growth, fertility and 5
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× Angus dams when finished on the farm.7
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bulls have been bred to deliver market specs even on poorer pasture with excellent weight gains over the long hot summer.10
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Breed of Cattle in the Caribbean Safeguarding the Senepol Breed of Cattle in the Caribbean By Mariam Ludim Rosa Vélez mariamludim@uprm.12
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Cattle breeders associations and societies around the world xzcvc agricultural services pedigree livestock news dairy beef agricultural machinery agricultural property agricultural organisations Senepol Cattle Breeders Associations and Societies tropical cattletropical breeds - USA senepol cattle Senepol Cattle Breeders Association Senepol can be found thriving in 21 states & countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Brazil and many others where their tropically adapted 14
are fairly new to the United States 15
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Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa Tel: +27(0)71 364 0076 E-mail: Mail:P.O.18
Brahman crossbreed - Posted by josegoldner on November - 19 - 2010 We are currently breeding Senepol with Brahman and the results have been formidable. The weight gain of this crossbreed is outstanding.19
delcastillo on 27 Dec 2010 Toro Senepol, DC Apolo 12oa.20

Fullblood Animals, F1 Senepol Red Angus, F1 Senepol Holsteins and the first 3/4 Holstein 1/4 Senepol in the State of Florida. Senepol works very well in any crossbreeding program because of the hybrid vigor transmitted which increases a herd's performance.21
ADDS HEAT TOLERANCE TO BREEDING PROGRAMS Senepol cattle evolved on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix when N'Dama cattle were imported for Senegal, West Africa in the 1800's.22
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beef cattle are a placid, hardy, tropical adapted 100% Bos taurus breed, developed in the Caribbean over the past 100 years. Senepol display the heat, tick, insect & disease resistance of Bos indicus cattle.24
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have for sale. If you are interested in buying any of these bulls or require further information, please contact John via the contact page.26
-, and Tuli-sired Dams1 = Professional Animal Scientist Professional Animal Scientist See all results for this publication Browse back issues of this publication by date December 1, 2009 | Phillips, W A; Holloway, J W; Warrington, B; Venuto, B 27
to $10,500 = 30 Sep 2010 PUREBRED Senepol bulls topped $10,500 to average $4953 while Senepol composites topped at $10,000 to average $3340 at Monday's annual 5 Star Senepol Sale, Gracemere.28
cattle which he had brought in from Zimbabwe.29
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stud is based on Northern New South Wales just south of the Queensland border, call us on 02 6729 5086 to discuss your requirements as we generally 31
-sired steers were fed one of three finishing diets. The control diet was typical of an industry diet and consisted of 10% corn silage, 77% corn and 11.32
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Cattle Breeders Association Includes test breed, breeder pages, breed information, sire summary, links, FAQs, photos and upcoming news.35
LINKS: * Trinity Cattle Company We have fullblood senepol cattle for sale. We concentrate on grass genetics.36
Cattle Farm Company Profile ReportsMapWeb Results Swanee's Senepol Cattle Farm = Own This Business? Edit Company Info 2859 Bright Star RoadHorton, AL 35980-7559 map About Swanee's Senepol Cattle Farm - Website: 37
Sale Head of the Meadow Farm We have Senepols, Semen, Embryos and pregnant recipients carrying fullblood Senepol pregnancies for sale at all times.39